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  • Has anyone used MiClassic bassinet as an everyday bassinet?

    Yes, it can be used in bedroom or a travel crib when you travel.

  • Can the bassinet be used as a stand alone on the bed or floor after removing the legs?

    No, the legs are needed, otherwise it's unsafe.

  • Can the mattress be removed for washing? And is it waterproof?

    The mattress can be removed for washing. It includes mattress cover, sponge, and board. The sponge and board are waterproof, the mattress cover is not. You can buy our waterproof crib sheet here, the size is 20.5*35.5in.

  • Does all of the mesh zip off to be washed?

    Yes, it can be zipped off easily for clean and wash.

  • Can I put extra mattress pad fits this bassinet?

    It is not safe to add a mattress pad to an infant sleep surface.

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